What are the fixes for AOL mail not working on Outlook?

AOL mail is the easiest of all the email services to be used for communication purposes, the users can very easily get an AOL mail account created also they can further login the created AOL mail account on any of the devices or the Windows operating system it is so because the service is very well compatible with all the different types of devices as well as the operating system.

What are the fixes for AOL mail not working on Outlook?

So, all these reasons that are given above are enough for the popularity of the service, among people for their email exchange preferences, but the popularity of the email service is not something that needs to be discussed here that is something already known to people. Here, we will discuss solutions and the fixes for a common AOL mail issue that the users are often seen facing while they try to use AOL mail on Outlook, it is often seen that AOL mail does not work on outlook people often think of it as an email client compatibility issue but that is not the case as the AOL mail service accounts are well compatible with all the different types of email clients as well. The users can very efficiently use AOL mail service account on any email service client, there are so many email service clients that are available it is not at all necessary for the user to use an AOL mail account with the same AOL mail client.

Here, in the guide, we will make things very easy for people, who are trying to use AOL mail on Outlook and are not able to get it done due to technical glitches and errors. Here we will see the possible issues that may lead to the problem and also we will further see how the user can get those issues resolved and can further get the AOL mail account working normally on the outlook email client.

Given below are the fixes that the user can try to get this issue resolved on the AOL mail and on Outlook:

Password Update: In order to get password updated for AOL mail the user should follow the steps given below:

• The user should open Outlook and should go to “account settings”
• The user should then choose an AOL email account and should further choose an updated browser.

These steps are necessary to be done if the user has got the AOL mail password updated, then the user will need to get the password updated on the outlook email client.

Checking incoming server details: The issue can be with the incoming server details so the user should get those checked and those should be fixed if required.

• Incoming mail IMAP server:
• Export IMAP.aol.com
• The Port number should be set to 993
• SSL certificate should be set to “yes”

Outgoing SMTP server:

• The server should be set to smtp.aol.com
• The Port number should be set to 465
• The SSL certificate should be allowed
• Authentication requirement should be set to yes

Login related information:

• Full AOL email address
• The password of the AOL mail account
• Authentication required should be set to yes

Update Email Application: The problem can be because of the version of outlook that is in use, the user should further get the application updated to the latest version. There are chances that after updating outlook to the latest version the user will be able to use the AOL mail service on Outlook.

Use third-party tools: In order to get this given issue resolved, the user should try to get it done through the third-party tools, in order to get the issue fixed through the tools the user should get the chosen tool downloaded and then should run it on the computer, the issue will be fixed and it will be all back to normal working.

So, these are all the easy ways through which the users can easily get the AOL mail related issue resolved on Outlook, it is not that tough to get AOL mail working on outlook but for those who do not have enough technical knowledge the guide is going to be very helpful, they should read it very carefully and should ten apply one out of any of the four fixes that are given and their issue will be resolved for sure. It is very much essential for the users to keep the email services like AOL mail well maintained. Only then the users will be able to ensure efficient communication all around the globe.

Nowadays in this fast-moving world, there is nothing as fast as email service and also there is nothing as efficient as the email services, so the users should always try and keep their email services in proper working conditions, so that they will further be able to ensure efficient instant communications, out of all the email services there is nothing that can be as fast as, as simple as and as reliable as the AOL mail service.