What are the ways to reset AOL mail settings?

AOL Mail has all those features which an email user expects in the email services. This email service is designed by keeping today’s main requirement in mind. You can create your account very easily and if you want to do some changes to your email account then, you can easily do that. There are so many email services that allow you to reset mail settings. In AOL Mail, you also can do that very easily. Make sure that you are using a strong network connection before moving ahead to Reset AOL Mail Settings in a few steps.

Reset AOL Mail Settings

• First of all, sign in to AOL Mail
• You will see your username and then under that, click on Options and Mail Settings
• Now, you will see the tab, click on the chosen tab for the settings which you want to change

What are the ways to reset AOL mail settings?

Reset General Settings

You can change any of the below-given settings and after that, click on Save to complete your job

• AOL – Choose the box that shows the unread emails, latest news, and mail tips as well
• Name of Sender on Display – Select to appear the sender’s name or the email address
• New Mail – You should choose the sound which you want to hear while a new email arrives on your mail account
• Reading – Choose this to set how attractive you want to be displayed in your inbox
• Mail Away Email – You can create and enable away messages from this setting
• Auto Sign Off – You can select how long before AOL will sign off you automatically
• Contacts – You can select how your contacts should be appeared and sorted as well

Reset Compose Settings

After changing any of the following settings, you will need to click on Save to confirm the selection and reset your AOL mail settings

• Cc/Bcc – You can choose whether or not you wish to Cc/Bcc appeared
• Default Compose Mode – Choose which type of composing screen you want to display. The three options are 1. Write mail in a Pop-Up Screen 2. Write mail in full plane compose 3. Write an email in a separate window
• Rich Text/or HTML – You can create a signature and enable Rick Text/HTML editing so that you can use your preferred font and color
• Display Name – You can enter the name which you want to have appeared while sending an email
• Sending – You can choose which way you want to check your sent message. 1. Choose if you want to check the spelling mistakes before sending an email. 2. Choose if you want that email address added to contacts automatically. 3. Select if you want that a sent confirmation appear all the time on a separate page

Reset Spam Settings

You can monitor your inbox to keep spam emails away and for that,

• Click on the tab of Spam Settings
• You will see a box under “Block mail from the address I Specify” and enter the email address which you want to block
• Now, click on the + icon and remove the address by clicking on the X icon that appears next to the address which you want to remove

Reset Filter Settings

You can easily create filters to ensure that your incoming email will go where you want them to send. When you have created a filter then, you will be able to edit or to delete it from the same career. You can delete the filter just by clicking on the icon X that appears next to “Edit”

How to create and edit AOL Filter?

Firstly, we will create a filter and for that, click on Create Filter and enter the parameters of your filter and then, click on Save to save the changes.

To edit a filter, go to the name of the filter and then, click on Edit. Now, enter the change which you want to make and click on Save

Reset Calendar Settings

You can change any of the below given following settings, and after that click on Save to complete the selection

• Time Zone – You can choose your preferred time zone
• Default View – You can choose the default view for your Day, Week, and Month
• Reminders – You can where you to send the reminders
• Display – You can choose what time you want to goes day from

These are a few settings that you can reset on your AOL Mail and you can call on AOL Service Help Number UK to get in touch with the technical experts for the same. The technical experts will let you know some more tricks for updating AOL settings.