What should I do to disable AOL spam filter?

AOL is one such email service that is very much user friendly, for people all around the globe, the service is known among people for various benefits and features that they get to enjoy with the use of this service for the exchange of their emails, there is no other email service in the market that is as efficient as AOL. So, as a result, even when there are various email services that are present in the market people are seen preferring AOL above all of them.

But at the end of the day, all the email services are actually based on various advanced techniques, it is through these techniques that email services are able to allow people to establish efficient communication among all people sitting in different corners of the globe, but understanding all those techniques and features often becomes a problem for the users as not all of them are very much well versed with the technical world, there are certain features with which the users are often seen struggling while they use the AOL mail service, here in the guide we will discuss disabling AOL spam filter. This is one common question that the AOL mail users often ask that is the process through which they can disable spam filters in AOL mail.

What should I do to disable AOL spam filter?

Well, to answer it in simple words one can say that there is no way out through which the users can disable the AOL spam filter, yes one cannot disable the spam filter completely but can manage the spam filter settings if the feature is in any way troubling him or her.

In order to change or manage spam filter settings in AOL mail the user should follow the steps as given below:

• The user should log in to AOL mail account by opening the official AOL mail website on the browser
• As the account opens the user should click “options” given at the top right-hand corner • There, from those options, the user should click “Mail settings”
• In the mail settings, the user should look for the spam settings tab
• Further, in the spam settings, the user can easily set the spam filter level adjusted as per his or her, own comfort.

If other than this, the problem is that the user has by mistake marked an important email as spam then the user can get that email marked as not spam, once the user will do this the email will bounce back to the inbox, also if there will be any other emails from the same sender lying in the spam folder then they will also be added back to AOL inbox.

If other than all this information that has been provided here, regarding the spam emails in AOL, the user feels the need to know anything more about this or anything else related to AOL mail then in that case the user should get in touch with the experts at AOL Contact Number UK, the users can also reach out to the experts through the option of live chats and emails there is no such issue related to the AOL mail service that the experts may fail to resolve, also the experts are known for providing instant as well as the most accurate solution for all the possible AOL mail-related issues, the issues can be related to login or it can be related to password recovery or the issue can also be some error code, but all of this can be very well handled through the help and support coming from the team of technicians, with their help the service can be taken back to normal working very easily.