What to do if AOL Account has been hacked?

Keeping your account safe and secure is most important to us. Same goes with the AOL Mail account and if you think someone is trying to get access or take over your account then, there are some essential steps you need to take to secure your information that is saved in your AOL Mail account. Before that, let’s have a look at the warnings or symptoms of hacked AOL Account and then, we will discuss the steps to do if the AOL account has been hacked in a simple way.

Symptoms of a hacked account

• You aren’t receiving any emails
• Your AOL Mail is sending spam to your contacts
• You keep going bumped offline when you are signed in to your account
• You see logins from unexpected locations on your current activity page
• Your inbox is full of Mailer-Daemon notices for messages that you didn’t send
• Your address book contacts have been deleted or there are new contacts which you didn’t add
• Your account info or mail settings were changed and you don’t know about it

If you are facing any of the above symptoms then, in that case, you will need to follow a few steps to keep your account again safe and secure.

What to do if AOL Account has been hacked?

Step 1: Change Your Password

If you can access your account then, you need to modify your password pronto. Sign in to your account and then, change it. AOL will then, prompt with a security question which you have provided the answer for while signing up. If you don’t remember the answer then, click on the option “Forgot answer” and an email will be then, sent to your alternate email address that is linked to the account.

Here you can go to the General Account Information page and choose to Change your Password

• While deciding on a new password, keep these tips in mind:
• Add in a few punctuation marks or other special characters
• Use lowercase and uppercase letter combinations
• Don’t use your maiden name or other obvious public info that can be easily guessed
• Throw in some numbers for good luck

Step 2: Review and Verify Your Personal Details

Hackers will quickly try to gain access to your account by adding their own contact information to the account. Check each area of the account detail including Name, Email, and Account Recovery Information. If anything was added or changed then, this is a clear indicator that someone has misused with your account

Step 3: Beef Up Your Security

Two-factor authentication is the advanced way to keep the hackers out of your account. Even if they somehow get your username and password, without the verification code, the access will be denied. Two-step authentication needs the users to enter a code that is sent to your chosen mobile device every time they want to log in. Turn on two-step authentication in your Settings menu and click on the Set Up link that appears under the Two-Factor Authentication section. The page explains how the process works and after that, you can click on Get Started to get things going.

Step 4: Secure Other Accounts

A tragically common mistake people make is using the similar or same password for all of their online accounts. This is just like having one key for all doors in your house. When someone makes a copy of that key, they can easily enter your home from anywhere they want. In case if you have made this mistake then, change the passwords immediately and make them all different from each other.

Step 5: Debug Your Computer

Viruses are out of control among the hackers and they are easily installed by unsuspecting servers, and these bugs provide the hacker full access to your PC. If this happens ever, and even changing the passwords will not help due to the hacker will gain access to the new information quickly. Whenever everything suspicious is happening, you will need to run a trusted antivirus program.

Step 6: Get Help If You Cannot Get Into Your Account

If you are locked out of your AOL Account then, this possibly means that the hacker has changed your password. If that is the case then, you can try to get back in just by resetting the password. Just click on the Forgot password on the login screen and you will be prompted to give your email or username and then, assuming you can still get into that email account. AOL will send you a link to reset your password.

If you cannot get into your AOL account because it is hacked then, contact the AOL support Number UK as soon as possible. The teams are highly experienced and will definitely help you in the shortest time frame. They also help you to secure your account so whenever you get that your AOL account is in danger then, just get in touch with them without thinking anything.