What to do if Facebook isn’t installing on Android phones?

Nowadays, people are using their phones just like bread butter in breakfast. And Facebook mobile version is the best to download it on Android Phone. There is more than one chance cause for an unsuccessful installation of the Facebook Android app – pay attention to the error messages which come with might give an idea of the main reason for this issue. The official app is developed by Facebook itself, though compatibility information isn’t listed in Google Play. If you can view the app from your device via the Play Store app, then it should be compatible with your tablet or phone. If you get stuck as Facebook isn’t installing on Android Phone then, follow a few resolution steps to fix this issue.

What to do if Facebook isn’t installing on Android phones?

Remove Google Account

First of all, go to your Ph9one’s settings and then, go to the Accounts. Under the Account’s tab, remove your Google account. Now, add it back again and this simple solution can resolve cannot install Facebook App on Android phone.

Clear Cache

To resolve the Facebook App installation on an Android phone, clear your phone’s cache. Go to the Phone’ Settings and then, go to the Applications. Under the Application tab, go to Application Manager and tap on the Google Play Store to clear its cache. Upon confirmation, you will tap on yes to clear cached data, and therefore, force stops the Google Play Store.

Factory Reset

To factory reset your Android phone and go to the Phone Settings and then, go to the Rest and Backup. Now, uncheck automatic restore and factory reset your phone. Before you factory reset your phone, ensure have backed up your data to prevent any loss

Restart Phone

Another solution you can try to fix cannot install Facebook on an Android phone is to restart your Android phone. Disable your phone and after that, turn it on again. After turning it on, don’t use it for a few seconds.

Other Troubleshooting Tips

Log out the Facebook app and log out of Facebook in your device’s mobile browser, then try the app download and installation process again. Apart from this, you will have issues while downloading from Google Play if you aren’t signed into Talk or Hangouts: launch whichever of these apps are available on your tablets or phone, sign out of your Google account, and after that, sign in back to re-link your identity with your device. Then attempt the Facebook app download again.

Google Play Cache

An issue with the cached files inside the Google Play and download manager applications might be interrupting the Facebook download and installation process. For clearing the cache from both of these tools, choose “Settings” and then “Apps” – swipe to the All column and then, choose “Google Play Store” and tap on “Clear Data” and “Clear Cache”. Do the same for the “Download Manager” entry in the Apps list. Choose the “Play Store” icon from the list of the apps and all of its components and data, consists of the Facebook app download, will be re-loaded from scratch.

These are a few resolution steps of Facebook isn’t installing on Android phone error. Call Facebook Support UK to get connected with the experts for instant and reliable assistance. The teams are available all the time to help you in any manner they can.